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GTA 4 cheats

Priyadharshan Saba

Or say "Alexa, enable GTA 4 cheats"

Need help on the go while playing GTA 4. Well, This app can help you out. Ask "g.t.a cheat" for cheats.

GTA cheat does not require any special hardware requirements. You must always say 'g.t.a cheat' followed by any cheat you want overtime to get help. For instance, you can ask for weapons cheat by asking, &quot;ask g.t.a cheat for weapon set 1&quot;.<br/>You can ask for cheats like health, lower or increase wanted level.<br/><br/>Cheats Provided:<br/>song information<br/>Jetmax<br/>Sanchez<br/>NRG-900<br/>weapon set 1<br/>weapon set 2<br/>health<br/>armor<br/>ammo<br/>Annihilator<br/>Increase Wanted level<br/>Clear Wanted level<br/>Comet<br/>SuperGT<br/>Turismo<br/>Cognoscenti<br/>FBI Buffalo

Invocation Name

g. t. a. cheat

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask g. t. a. cheat to tell me the cheat for health
Alexa, ask g. t. a. cheat to get weapon set 1
Alexa, ask g. t. a. cheat to tell me some facts about comet

Release Date

December 30th 2017