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GINA Office



Or say "Alexa, enable GINA Office"

Productivity Assistant

Gina Office is a personal assistant to help you send email, check calendar, and so on. This skill needs your Microsoft office 365 account to activate this service. Click link account to connect and sign in to Microsoft office 365. After that, you can back to Echo, and you may say "Alexa, open Gina Office" or "Alexa, ask Gina Office send email" to Echo. You could send email to your friend who is in your email's contacts list. If you need a help for this skill, you may say "Alexa, ask Gina Office help."

Invocation Name

gina office

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Gina Office
Alexa, ask Gina Office send email to Foo
Alexa, ask Gina Office check my calendar

Release Date

May 2nd 2017