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Or say "Alexa, enable GIF Guru"

Use GIF Guru to find to find your favorite GIF's and have them delivered straight to your mobile phone.

Now you can have access to GIPHY&rsquo;s vast collection of GIFs, and have them delivered right to your mobile phone. <br/><br/>To get started &hellip; just say, &ldquo;Alexa, open gif guru&rdquo;, to quickly link your mobile phone number. It&rsquo;s a quick, one-time process, and all you need is your voice.*<br/><br/>Like Alexa, GIF Guru is intelligent and understands a lot of things. Here&rsquo;s some example phrases gif guru would understand:<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask gif guru to find me a gif about LeBron James&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, tell gif guru to send me something about Ariana Grande&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, open gif guru and search for Game of Thrones&rdquo;<br/><br/>From there, you&rsquo;ll get a text containing a few GIF&rsquo;s based on what you asked for.**<br/>For the best experience, always try to give GIF Guru something specific to search for, like the examples listed above.<br/><br/>Have fun and remember, Alexa pronounces GIF with a hard G ;)<br/><br/>*GIF Guru will always store your phone number in a safe place and will never give it out to anyone. If you would like GIF Guru to forget your number, just disable and re-enable the skill on the Alexa Skill Store.<br/>**Each complete interaction with GIF Guru sends one standard text message to your phone. Standard text message rates apply.<br/><br/>GIF Guru is Powered by GIPHY<br/><br/>Have questions or concerns?<br/>Send me an email:<br/><br/>or<br/>Leave a review on the Alexa Skill Store<br/>I look at feedback carefully and will always try to fine-tune my Skills accordingly.

Invocation Name

gif guru

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open gif guru
Alexa, tell gif guru to send me something about Kim Kardashian
Alexa, ask gif guru to find me a gif about Tina from Bob's Burgers

Release Date

August 29th 2017