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Funny Sounds

Chris Johnston

4 ReviewsNovelty & Humor

Or say "Alexa, enable Funny Sounds"

Have a conversation with Alexa and enjoy her wonderful vocabulary randomly generated to make you giggle till you say stop.

Explore the world of humorous randomized dialects and the funniest things Alexa can make up. Enjoy her expressions that you may have never heard before! <br/><br/>It's almost like a intellectual conversation until you say &quot;yes&quot;, &quot;stop&quot;, &quot;no, or &quot;cancel&quot;&quot;. Everything but those keywords will make her reply again and again.

Invocation Name

funny sounds

Interaction Examples

Alexa Funny Sounds
Alexa tell Funny Sounds I'm bored
Alexa ask Funny Sounds for something

Release Date

March 29th 2017