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Funny Quoter

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Or say "Alexa, enable Funny Quoter"

Funny Quoter is here to make you smile with dozens of funny quotes. Just ask Alexa, and laugh aloud while real people spout hilarious one-liners! Try it out!

Funny Quoter has some of the weirdest quotes up her sleeve! If you're feeling blue, and need something to cheer you up, just call on Funny Quoter and she's sure to serve up something that will make you smile! What’s even more enjoyable is that our funny quotes are recorded – using natural human voices! So no more robotic tones and humor, get busy laughing with our new update! All you have to say is: Alexa, tell Funny Quoter to make me smile or make me chuckle! Or Tell Funny Quoter to cheer me up! And voila! You'll hear a quote you've probably not heard before!

Invocation Name

funny quoter

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Funny Quoter to tell me a quote.
Alexa, tell Funny Quoter to make me smile.
Alexa, tell Funny Quoter to cheer me up.

Release Date

March 21st 2016