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Fun Times

Nara Won

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Or say "Alexa, enable Fun Times"

Fun game to memorize times tables

I ask you multiplication questions and your level goes up with 8 correct answers.<br/>10 points with a correct answer.<br/>1,000 points with a level up.<br/>1,500 points with a gold.<br/>Challenge how far you can achieve!<br/><br/>You have privileges in Master level.<br/>A gold with 8 correct answers in Master level.<br/>You also can choose the table in Master level.<br/>Say &quot;Set Table 3&quot; to get questions only in 3 times table.<br/>Say &quot;Set Table 7&quot; to get questions only in 7 times table, and etc.<br/><br/>Say &quot;Random&quot; to get random questions.<br/>Say &quot;Restart&quot; to reset your score, level and gold, then to start from the beginning.<br/><br/>Say &quot;Stop&quot; to quit.<br/>Say &quot;Help&quot; to get help messages.<br/><br/>Enjoy the game and enhance your Times Table memory!

Invocation Name

fun times

Interaction Examples

Alexa, fun times
Alexa, start fun times
Alexa, play fun times

Release Date

September 19th 2017