Fun Haiku - Alexa Skill

Fun Haiku

Silviu Serban

Or say "Alexa, enable Fun Haiku"

Fun Haiku is a skill that will tell you haikus

Prerequisites: Good knowledge of English; access to any Amazon voice assistants (Echo, etc), and must have an Amazon account.<br/>To start this skills, simply say, &quot;Alexa, open Fun Haiku&quot;. To get more haikus, you will say:&quot;Alexa, tell Fun Haiku to read me a poem.&quot; OR &quot;Alexa, ask Fun Haiku to read me a haiku.&quot; You must include Alexa, Fun Haiku, tell or ask, poem or haiku in your sentence.

Invocation Name

fun haiku

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Fun Haiku
Alexa, tell Fun Haiku to read me a haiku
Alexa, ask Fun Haiku to tell me a poem.

Release Date

December 29th 2017