Fun Fair Positive Soccer - Alexa Skill

Fun Fair Positive Soccer

Fun Fair Positive Soccer

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Or say "Alexa, enable Fun Fair Positive Soccer"

Find out your next Fun Fair Positive Soccer game time.

If you play Fun Fair Positive Soccer, this skill will look up your next game time for a spoken league and team number. You simply start by saying "Alexa, open fun fair games". If she knows your league from a previous lookup, she will just ask your team number, otherwise you will need to give her your league name. If you need to look up another team number, for example, just say "Alexa, when is my next game for team 101". If you need to change the league she remembered, just "change league".

Invocation Name

fun fair games

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open fun fair games.
Alexa, launch fun fair games
change league

Release Date

August 22nd 2016