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TGI Fridays

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Alexa makes it easier than ever to place orders and make reservations at TGI Fridays.

With Alexa, placing orders and making reservations at your favorite TGI Fridays is simple! <br/><br/>To start your order, say &quot;Alexa, ask Fridays to place an order&quot;. Alexa will connect you with Fridays and ease you through the ordering process. Once your order is placed, Alexa will send you a text so you can quickly review your order summary. <br/><br/>To make a reservation, say &quot;Alexa, ask Fridays to make a reservation&quot;. Alexa will ask for the date, time, and size of your party. Once complete, you'll receive a text message confirmation with reservation details.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Fridays to make a reservation.
Alexa, ask Fridays to place an order.
Alexa, tell Fridays to order a bacon cheeseburger with no onions.

Release Date

November 29th 2017