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Founders Forum London

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Or say "Alexa, enable Founders Forum London"

Founders Forum London assists attendees at the Founders Forum event in London.

Founders Forum London is like a virtual assistant that can help you navigate the Founders Forum event. You'll be able to find out information related to the agenda, refreshments and who you should be meeting. Say "Alexa, ask Founders Forum" and you are ready to start finding information: - "What is currently happening?" - "What is happening next?" - "Can you tell me when Lunch is happening?" (and other words aside from 'Lunch'!) - "I'm John Smith, who should I meet?" - "Where is the food?" - "Where can I get a coffee?" More information will be available at the Founders Forum London event. Additionally, please note that you will need an Amazon Echo device to use this Skill.

Invocation Name

founders forum

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Founders Forum who can i find to tell me about Artificial Intelligence
I am Tom Bowles who should I meet?
Alexa, ask Founders Forum when is Rising Stars

Release Date

June 15th 2016