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Or say "Alexa, enable FortiVoice"

Alexa, ask FortiVoice to enable call forwarding

The FortiVoice skill allows the user to initiate voice commands for placing calls by searching directories, speed dials or even by number. You can also switch your extension status such as do not disturb or call fowarding.<br/><br/>Set up guide:<br/>This requires user privileges for IoT for the extension managed by the system administrator of the FortiVoice system running release 5.3.8 or later.<br/><br/>1. Log into the FortiVoice User Portal of the FortiVoice system<br/>2. Enter in your email address and create a password<br/>3. Click register, accept the terms and conditions to complete the registration<br/><br/>Optionally, if using your extension to initiate the voice requests:<br/>1. Select Use FortiVoice extension under the Amazon Voice Services in the FortiVoice User Portal<br/>2. Click on the Register button<br/>3. Link the skill and enter in the supplied email and password that you supplied in the steps above<br/><br/>The FortiVoice Alexa skill is compatible with the following systems:<br/>FVE-100E<br/>FVE-300E-T<br/>FVE-500E-T2/T4<br/>FVE-1000E<br/>FVE-1000E-T<br/>FVE-2000E-T2<br/>FVE-3000E<br/><br/>Once registered you can use voice controls to initiate internal or extensal calls. Here are some examples:<br/><br/>Ask FortiVoice to turn on do not disturb <br/>Ask FortiVoice to turn off do not disturb <br/>Ask FortiVoice to call &lt;number&gt; <br/>Ask FortiVoice to call extension &lt;number&gt; <br/>Ask FortiVoice to call &lt;first name or last name or both&gt; <br/>Ask FortiVoice to enable call forwarding &lt;number&gt; <br/>Ask FortiVoice to disable call forwarding <br/>Ask FortiVoice to set call handling to &lt;mode &gt;

Invocation Name

forti voice

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask FortiVoice to call extension 6850
Alexa, ask FortiVoice to call 8775863230
Alexa, ask FortiVoice to call April Smith

Release Date

August 10th 2017