For a Knock Knock Joke - Alexa Skill

For a Knock Knock Joke

Studio Hunty

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Or say "Alexa, enable For a Knock Knock Joke"

Tell Alexa your own knock knock jokes!

Sometimes you want Alexa to tell you a knock knock joke, but this is for the times when YOU want to tell HER a knock knock joke! Just start by saying "Alexa, ask for a knock knock joke", and you know the rest! Even works with the good old "Banana / Orange" joke, but for "Interrupting Cow" you'll need to add "Alexa" before the "moo", because otherwise she won't listen while she's talking.

Invocation Name

for a knock knock joke

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask for a knock knock joke!
Knock knock!

Release Date

March 9th 2016