FootBath - Alexa Skill



Health & Fitness

Or say "Alexa, enable FootBath"

(Exterme version of) Alternate foot bath counter

This skill allows one to take advantage of Alexa when performing alternate foot bath ( The skill (at least for now) allows to moderate &quot;extreme version&quot; of alternate foot bath - keep your feet in warm water for 10s and then in cold water for 3 s. Repeat the cycle 7 times but:<br />- increase by 1 sec time to keep your feet in a warm water in each cycle,<br />- skip putting feet ot a cold water in a last cycle.

Invocation Name

alternate foot bath

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Start alternate foot bath
Alexa, Begin alternate foot bath
Alexa, Run alternate foot bath

Release Date

February 1st 2017