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Foot Soldier


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Or say "Alexa, enable Foot Soldier"

Foot Soldier is an Alexa skill for kids under 13. Play Foot Soldier by solving riddles and answering questions to defeat Nero and his hench men.

Foot Soldier is an adventure game for kids under 13, it gives kids an opportunity to learn about world facts, and solve riddles and answer world knowledge questions as they try to defeat Nero and win the land back from his Evil Hench men.Kids defeat Nero's Men and finally get to fight Nero to Win the Game. Some Questions are tricky and might require some more reading for the Kids. Foot Soldier is an addictive game, both the Kids and their Parents will enjoy answering the Questions and solving the riddles.

Invocation Name

foot soldier

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Foot Soldier

Release Date

December 30th 2017