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Food world helps you cook exciting new recipes from all around the world!

Food world helps you cook exciting new recipes from all around the world! <br/>It features a completely hands-free experience while still providing all the information via the app.<br/>First recipes are searched based on the ingredients you want to use.<br/>After selecting a recipe, food world will go through all the required ingredients to make sure you are not missing anything.<br/>Finally food world will help you prepare the selected recipe by guiding you through all the steps.<br/><br/><br/>Here is a simple example dialog to illustrate some of the available features<br/><br/>&quot;Alexa, start food world&quot; --&gt; &quot;Welcome to food world! ...&quot;<br/>&quot;(Alexa) add cinnamon&quot; --&gt; &quot;Added cinnamon. Add more ingredients or search for recipes.&quot;<br/>&quot;(Alexa) search for recipes&quot; --&gt; &quot;Found 152 recipes. Would you like to cook ... ?&quot;<br/>&quot;(Alexa) yes&quot; --&gt; &quot;This recipe requires 3 cups of flour, ... Do you have these ingredients?&quot;<br/>&quot;(Alexa) yes&quot; --&gt; &quot;Step 1: Melt butter and add flour. ... &quot;<br/>&quot;(Alexa) how much flour did I need?&quot; --&gt; &quot;You need 3 cups of flour.&quot;<br/>&quot;(Alexa) next&quot; --&gt; &quot;Step 2: Add sugar and mix well.&quot;<br/>&quot;(Alexa) next&quot; --&gt; &quot;You are done! Enjoy your meal!&quot;<br/><br/><br/>Features<br/><br/>- Hands-free from ingredient selection to the final dish<br/>- 25'000 recipes from from all around the world<br/>- Recipe display via the app for improved overview<br/><br/><br/>Complete list of commands available<br/><br/>- &quot;add tomatoes&quot;, &quot;add tomatoes to my ingredient list&quot;<br/>- &quot;search&quot;, &quot;search for recipes&quot;<br/>- &quot;yes&quot;, &quot;OK&quot;<br/>- &quot;no&quot;, &quot;definitely not&quot;<br/>- &quot;next&quot;, &quot;done&quot;<br/>- &quot;go back&quot;, &quot;please go back to the previous step&quot;<br/>- &quot;repeat&quot;, &quot;can you repeat that&quot;<br/>- &quot;restart&quot;<br/>- &quot;How much honey did I need again?&quot;<br/><br/>Note: You might have to add &quot;alexa, ...&quot; or &quot;alexa, tell food world ...&quot;<br/><br/><br/>License<br/><br/>All recipes are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (Unported) (CC-BY-SA) license.

Invocation Name

food world

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Food World.
Tell Food World to add tomatoes.
Ask Food World to search for recipes.

Release Date

May 19th 2017