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Food Dehydrator

Robert Signore

Or say "Alexa, enable Food Dehydrator"

Get directions on how to dehydrate dozens of fruits, vegetables, and herbs including any necessary pre-treatment instructions.

The Food Dehydrator skill provides cooking and preparation instructions for dozens of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. With the Food Dehydrator skill you can ask Alexa for the proper time, temperature, and preparation steps to dehydrate fresh food. Make delicious and healthy snacks for the whole family.<br/><br/>The food Dehydrator skill works for all brands of food dehydrators and ovens.<br/><br/>Version 1.1 adds skill cards to the Alexa mobile app.

Invocation Name

food dehydrator

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Ask the Food Dehydrator how to dehydrate apples?
Alexa, Open the Food Dehydrator and how do you prepare bell peppers?
Alexa, ask the food dehydrator how do you prepare blueberries

Release Date

June 27th 2017