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Understand your water consumption through your Flo device by asking Alexa!

The Flo smart home water monitoring and shutoff device proactively detects vulnerabilities anywhere in your home water system, protecting the home, promoting maintenance and empowering conservation. Flo is now integrated with Alexa, so you can ask how much water you have used today. <br/><br/>Please note that at this time you may only ask Alexa about same day water usage. We will continue to add additional features over time. <br/> <br/>**In order to use this skill, you must have a Flo device paired to your Flo account

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Flo how much water I have used today
Alexa, ask Flo how much water my home has used today
Alexa, ask Flo how much water our house has used today

Release Date

December 24th 2017