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Or say "Alexa, enable Flashcard Helper"

Visit https://goo.gl/48BJI5 to get your pin code.

Flashcard Helper is a service that uses Quizlet to help you master your flashcards. After telling Flashcard Helper which of your flashcard sets you want to study with, it will proceed to quiz your randomly on the terms in the set. It can help you with words that you get wrong, and when paired with an Echo or Echo Dot, it can be used to help you study when you are cooking, cleaning, or hanging out. Flashcard Helper can help you study as you multitask, whether you are cramming for exams or getting ahead on future studying. To get started, you will need a Quizlet account to login with. Steps to get started: 1. Please visit https://goo.gl/48BJI5 (This is a site that will help associate your Alexa-enabled device with your Quizlet account that you would like to study with). 2. Login to quizlet 3. Remember the pin code on the screen, and speak it back to Alexa. You can ask Flashcard Helper to do many things, including list off all of the sets/flashcards you can study from. You can tell Flashcard Helper which set you want to study, and throughout the session you can review harder words or track your progress. Ask Flashcard Helper anytime for a list of things you can ask it. Full List of Things You Can Say: Getting started: "My PIN is ..." To see what you can choose from: "List my sets." "What sets can I choose from?" To pick a flashcard set: "I want to study ..." To answer a question: "The answer is ..." "The definition is ..." Reviewing incorrect answers: "Help me review my wrong answers." "Let's go over my incorrect answers." To get help: "I need help." To exit: "Cancel" "Please exit" "Please end the study session." Note: Flashcard Helper is not in any way sponsored, endorsed, or developed by Quizlet.

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flashcard helper

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Alexa, open Flashcard Helper
What sets can I study?

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January 11th 2017