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Five O astrology uses modern techniques of the Internet to delight audiences with quality of time readings determined through solar, lunar and stellar settings.

Five O astrology uses the Jotiz engine that has served both Vedic and Celtic astrology since 90&rsquo;s. Five O astrology uses the engine to compute the quality of time using a series of ancient scriptures and offers Five different readings that are relevant. The readings are on the solar day, lunar day, aster day and two other important combinations. All computations are based on the Sidereal System. Sidereal astrology deals with the position of the Earth relative to both of these as well as the stars of the celestial sphere. In Five O astrology, the first three readings are general. The last two are specific to your birth depending on where the moon was (at which asterism) the hour you were born. Zodiac is twelve divisions of the visible sky; the asterisms divide the visible sky into twenty-seven. The moon stays in an asterism or constellation for one lunar day. The Celtics called them the Lunar Mansions. If you are unsure of your birth hour, you may fall either in one constellation or the other. In the last reading involving your birth time, the twenty-seven constellations are divided into discrete groups of three to arrive at nine. There are nine readings, Five O astrology gives you a personalized reading of the quality of time with the last two. Janma is not good, Sampatha is very good, Vipatha is bad, Kshema is good, Pratyak is not good, Sadhana is very good, Naidhana is really bad, Mitra and Paramitra are both good. Since the QoT applies to you, if the times are good, go ahead and have a ball, if the times are not that good, don&rsquo;t ask your boss for a raise. Guess you got that. Five O astrology readings are long, detailed and supported through Voice to bring out the meanings in a lucid way. No payment, personal or credit card information is ever asked. <br/><br/>Any reference obtained from this server on a specific product, process or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement. Five O astrology and its makers do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any of the information, content covered in, resulting from, or linked to this site. Five O astrology reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without any obligation, to make improvements to, or correct any error or omissions in any portion of the service or the materials. By utilizing and accessing Five O astrology or Jotiz and/or by requesting and/or receiving astrological interpretations and/or advice either through the site or affiliates of the company, you agree to release Five O astrology/Jotiz from any and all liability with regard to the contents of the site and/or advice received. All services, materials and products at Jotiz or Five O astrology are provided for entertainment purposes only. No warranties are made as to the correctness of the service, materials or products.

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August 16th 2017