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Or say "Alexa, enable FishWise"

FishWise helps you determine the best times and places to fish

FishWise analyzes weather patterns and solunar calendars to determine the best times and places to fish. The FishWise Alexa Skill does not require a FishWise account - simply tell Alexa to "Open FishWise" and follow Alexa's prompts to get a saltwater or freshwater fishing forecast near many U.S. cities. FishWise is also available on iOS and Android with additional features like weather graphs, satellite and topographic maps, custom waypoints, GPS navigation, private land ownership boundaries, and a social network of like-minded fishermen to share your outings with. Find out more at

Invocation Name

fish wise

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open FishWise
Alexa, ask FishWise for the forecast
Alexa, ask FishWise for the freshwater fish forecast

Release Date

December 9th 2016