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First Citizens Home Buying Assistant


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First Citizen's Home Buying Assistant answers the questions you have about every step of the home buying journey.

Buying your first home isn&rsquo;t a simple process, but our Home Buy Assistant makes it easier to get the answers you have about every step of the journey. Whether you&rsquo;re worried budgeting, fixing your credit, or seeking a bit of clarity on which type of mortgage is right for you, you can get some quick but detailed answers by simply asking Alexa.<br/><br/>Across a wide range of topics, you can ask questions like:<br/><br/>Planning:<br/>&ldquo;When should I start looking at houses?&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Do I need to change my lifestyle to buy a home?:<br/><br/>Budgeting:<br/>&ldquo;How do I determine a budget?&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;What hidden costs are there in the process?&rdquo;<br/><br/>People:<br/>&ldquo;Are there people I should be speaking with aside from a lender?&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Do I need a Mortgage Broker?&rdquo;<br/><br/>Closing: <br/>&ldquo;What makes up closing costs?&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;What happens during the closing process?&rdquo;<br/><br/>Terminology:<br/>&ldquo;Define fixed rate&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;What are discount points?&rdquo;<br/><br/>To get started, simply enable the skill and ask away: no PINs or log in info required. Get the answers you&rsquo;ve been looking for when you need them most.

Invocation Name

first citizens

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask first citizens what do I need to do to get pre-approved
Alexa ask first citizens how can I get help paying for a fixer-upper
Alexa ask first citizens where do I get a credit report

Release Date

December 23rd 2017