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Fireball Finder!

Steve Perkins

Or say "Alexa, enable Fireball Finder!"

Fireball Finder! scans the horizon for fireballs near the Earth on a given date. Stay safe with fireball awareness!

Fireball Finder! uses Jet Propulsion Laboratory's ( data API to find the nearest fireball for a date you specify. Hear how far away it is, how fast it's going, and it's impact energy! Here's an example for June 20th, 2017:<br/><br/>&quot;One fireball found. It's 20.69 miles away and traveling at 1247315.70 miles per hour. It carries an impact of 2.00 kilotons.&quot;<br/><br/>You can say things like &quot;Alexa, ask Fireball Finder! to search&quot; to look for fireballs for today, or &quot;tell Fireball! to try June 20th 2017&quot; to specify a date. Or get fancy and specify both the date and the impact level, such as &quot;find fireballs on June 20th 2017 with more than one kiloton&quot;!<br/><br/>Other phrases you could try are:<br/>find fireballs<br/>find fireballs June 20 2017<br/>find fireballs for June 20 2017<br/><br/>search<br/>search June 20 2017<br/>search on June 20 2017<br/>search for June 20 2017<br/>search around June 20 2017<br/><br/>look on June 20 2017<br/>look for June 20 2017<br/><br/>try June 20 2017<br/>try on June 20 2017<br/><br/>run June 20 2017<br/>run on June 20 2017<br/><br/>scan<br/>scan on June 20 2017<br/><br/>scan on June 25th 2017 for more than one kiloton<br/><br/>find fireballs on June 25th 2017 with less than three kilotons<br/>find fireballs on June 25th 2017 with more than one kiloton<br/><br/>If Fireballs! doesn't find any fireballs for your target date, it still has your back! It will search up to the previous three weeks for fireballs so you can get as much fireball goodness as possible.

Invocation Name

fireball finder

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Fireball Finder to search
Look for June 20th 2017
Find fireballs on June 25th 2017 with more than one kiloton

Release Date

July 2nd 2017