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Find My Keys & Phone

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Or say "Alexa, enable Find My Keys & Phone"

Place a Pebblebee Finder on your keys and ask Alexa to find them for you. You can also Find your phone. (Only for iOS - Soon Android)

(Only works for iPhone users now, soon available for Android users.) Hi. Ever misplaced your keys or phone? Thanks to the Amazon and Pebblebee team, you can now simply ask Alexa to find your keys to quickly ring your Pebblebee Finder device attached to your keys. Alexa can also help you find your phone even if it's on vibrate! You can purchase the Pebblebee Finder on Amazon or at To get started, install the free Pebblebee app and follow these simple Alexa skill instructions: 1) Enable the Find My Keys and Phone skill by Pebblebee from your Alexa app or by asking "Alexa, enable the Find My Keys and Phone skill" 2) Install the Pebblebee App from the Apple App store ( 3) Launch the Pebblebee App, select "Amazon Alexa Setup" from the main (top left hamburger icon) menu and follow instructions. 4) Say "Alexa, ask pebblebee for my pin". 5) Enter that pin code in your Pebblebee app and hit "Submit". 6) On the same page, select the device for your Alexa Key identifiers, such as assigning your Keys. Now you can ask Alexa to "Find" your keys. Example: "Find my keys". 6) You can ask Alexa to "Locate" your keys and she'll tell you the location of the last time you were near them. Example: "Locate my keys". 7) You can also ask Alexa to "Find" your phone. Example: "Find my phone". Finding made easy! What's lost is found.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask pebblebee to Find my Keys.
Alexa, ask pebblebee to Find my Phone.
Alexa, ask pebblebee to Locate my Keys.

Release Date

January 8th 2017