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Finance Assistant

Daniel Soon

Business & Finance

Or say "Alexa, enable Finance Assistant"

Finance Assistant simulates interactions with a financial analyst and tells you what your budget, actuals or headcount are for various departments in a company

Finance Assistant simulates questions often posed to financial analysts about various departments in a company. You can ask Finance Assistant what actuals, budget, committed spend, or headcount is for the total company or a department such as Research or HR.<br /><br />Questions you can ask Finance Assistant include:<br />Tell me the budget for 2017 for the company?<br />Tell me the headcount for last year for Research?<br />What is my actuals for 2016 for Finance?

Invocation Name

finance assistant

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Finance Assistant
Tell me the budget for 2017 in research
What is my headcount for this year for finance

Release Date

March 1st 2017