Faux Banking - Alexa Skill

Faux Banking


Or say "Alexa, enable Faux Banking"

Pretend that you can use your Alexa device as a banking system.

Use this skill to pretend that your Alexa device can act like an ATM!<br/><br/>Open it and tell it to deposit some number of dollars. Alexa will ask you to place the money under the device. After a few seconds of silence, she will accept the deposit and ask if you would like anything else. You can then check your balance, withdraw funds, or deposit more. The skill will keep track of your balance until you let it close. <br/><br/>Try withdrawing more money than you have &quot;deposited&quot; and get an &quot;overdraft fee&quot; message. Also try to talk to a customer service representative.<br/><br/>*This app does not represent an actual bank or require that you use actual money for anything. The app will not remember your account balance between sessions.

Invocation Name

self serve banking

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Self Serve Banking to deposit ten dollars
Check my balance
Withdraw five dollars

Release Date

August 26th 2017