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Easily find out what fruits and vegetables are in season. Tailor results by month and state.

Ever wonder if the fruits and vegetables in your store or farmers market are in season? Now you can find out quickly by asking the Farmers Market app! Request all foods in season for the current or any specific month or season (Spring, Summer, etc). If desired, narrow results to an individual state. Examples - What fruits are available in Montana this Summer? - When are blueberries available in New York? - What veggies are in season this Summer in California? - To tell me about Apples - To tell me about Kumquats in California Note: US states only Visit for more info.

Invocation Name

farmer's market

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Farmer's Market what's in season in New York?
What vegetables are in season in Florida this Summer?
Are strawberries in season in California in June?

Release Date

June 23rd 2016