Fare(well) - Alexa Skill


Beni Shafer-Sull


Or say "Alexa, enable Fare(well)"

Get a fare estimate for you Uber ride. Be smart about getting where you're going!

Use Fare(well) to get a fare estimate for any Uber ride in your city! Ask for a fare estimate between two addresses, a landmark and an address, or two landmarks, and the skill will return a price range for an Uber X ride between those two locations. Be smart about getting where you're going! Get started by saying, "Alexa, open farewell meter" *Note: Right now, this skill is optimized for use in New York City.

Invocation Name

farewell meter

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask farewell meter for a price estimate
Alexa, open farewell meter
Alexa, launch farewell meter and get a price estimate

Release Date

November 11th 2016