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Football metrics for those who have the sickness

Alexa will provide past and present statistics along with advanced metrics derived from NFL players using the Yahoo Fantasy Sports API<br/><br/>Five Simple Rules:<br/>1. Name of current NFL player who has played in at least one game<br/>2. Valid football metric pertaining to player's position (See list below)<br/>3. Year of NFL season ranging from 2001 &ndash; Present<br/>4. Week number is merely optional (Week 1 &ndash; 17)<br/>5. Target metrics are only available beginning in year 2014 &ndash; Present<br/><br/>Quick Example Phrases:<br/>Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix Marshawn Lynch, yards from scrimmage, 2007<br/>Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix Larry Fitzgerald, receiving yards, week 4, 2008<br/>Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix Aaron Rodgers, passing yards per game, 2009<br/>Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix Rob Gronkowski, receiving touchdowns, week 10, 2010<br/>Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix Adrian Peterson, rushing yards, twenty eleven<br/>Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix Russell Wilson, completions, week 12, twenty twelve<br/>Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix Jordy Nelson, ppr fantasy points, twenty thirteen<br/>Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix Travis Kelce, catch rate, week 17, twenty fourteen<br/><br/>Football Metrics:<br/>Catch Rate<br/>Completions<br/>Fantasy Points<br/>Fantasy Points Per Game<br/>Fumbles<br/>Games Played<br/>Interceptions<br/>Passing Attempts<br/>Passing Attempts Per Game<br/>Passing Touchdowns<br/>Passing Yards<br/>Passing Yards Per Game<br/>PPR Points<br/>PPR Points Per Game<br/>Receiving Touchdowns<br/>Receiving Yards<br/>Receiving Yards Per Game<br/>Receptions<br/>Receptions Per Game<br/>Return Touchdowns<br/>Rushing Attempts<br/>Rushing Attempts Per Game<br/>Rushing Touchdowns<br/>Rushing Yards<br/>Rushing Yards Per Game<br/>Targets<br/>Targets Per Game<br/>Total Touchdowns<br/>Two Point Conversions<br/>Yards From Scrimmage<br/>Yards From Scrimmage Per Game<br/>Yards Per Attempt<br/>Yards Per Carry<br/>Yards Per Reception<br/>Yards Per Target

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Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix for Tom Brady's fantasy points in 2014
Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix how many targets did Julio Jones have during week 8 of 2015
Alexa, ask FantasyMetrix what was David Johnson's yards per carry in week 5 of 2016

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July 15th 2017