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Fantasy Scoreboards



Or say "Alexa, enable Fantasy Scoreboards"

Control your Fantasy Scoreboard

Added two new Utterances, no changes to the web service GetTodayGames what games are playing GetTodayGames what games are playing today -------------- The Fantasy Scoreboards Skills allows controlling scoreboards that are available for purchase form This Skill allows changing your favorite team, or temporary show the game of another team. To make it easier you can also ask it who played yesterday or is playing today. To start using the Fantasy Scoreboards skill, say: "Alexa, open Fantasy Scoreboard." Alexa will then ask you for the UID for your phone, you can get that ID from the about page of the Fantasy Scoreboards app. Then tell Alexa your 16 or 32 digit UID, without the dashes - example: "12345a123b123456" To get the games of yesterday, say “Alexa, ask Fantasy Scoreboard who played yesterday” For today’s games, say: “Alexa, ask Fantasy Scoreboard who is playing today”

Invocation Name

fantasy scoreboard

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Fantasy Scoreboard to show the Sens game
Set my favorite team to Ottawa
Who is playing today

Release Date

April 13th 2016