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Fantasy Football Pick or Sit

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Or say "Alexa, enable Fantasy Football Pick or Sit"

A way for fantasy football enthusiasts to choose which players to start or sit during the NFL season.

As a fantasy football freak myself, nothing makes me more upset when I start the wrong player, and my bench suddenly does much better than my starting lineup. With Fantasy Pick or Sit, you can ask which player (between two players) is a more worthy start, and you'll hear what percentage of fantasy experts recommend starting one over the other. To use, simply enable the skill on your device and say "Alexa, ask fantasy pick or sit to choose between (player 1) and (player 2)".

Invocation Name

fantasy pick or sit

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start Fantasy Pick or Sit.
Alexa, ask Fantasy Pick or Sit to choose between Julio Jones and Antonio Brown.
Alexa, ask Fantasy Pick or Sit if I should start Greg Olsen or Rob Gronkowski.

Release Date

September 14th 2017