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Fan Skill for Reddit

Nafis Zaman

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Or say "Alexa, enable Fan Skill for Reddit"

Tells you about hot, top, and new posts on various subreddits.

Keep up with Reddit hands-free! This skill can read you the titles of posts from Reddit. You can ask for the specific subreddit you're interested in, and whether you want hot posts, top posts, or new posts. This skill is most useful for subreddits that focus on title content rather than links and images. Try some of our favorites: - todayilearned - worldnews - news - lifeprotips - mildlyinteresting - showerthoughts Note: This skill is not sponsored or endorsed by Reddit. Warning: This skill may not be suitable for all ages.

Invocation Name

reddit fan

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Reddit Fan what's hot.
Alexa, ask Reddit Fan what's happening on world news.
Alexa, ask Reddit Fan for the top post on shower thoughts.

Release Date

October 25th 2016