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Anubhav Shrimal

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More than 1600+ famous quotes by 600+ authors. Tells random quotes and its author. Ask for a specific author's quotes.

Famous Quotes gives you more than 1600 quotes by 600+ authors.<br/><br/>You can ask Famous Quotes for a random quote and it will respond with the author and its quote.<br/><br/>You can also ask for a quote by a specific author.<br/><br/>You may say:<br/>&quot;Ask famous quotes to tell me a quote&quot;<br/>&quot;Ask famous quotes for a quote&quot;<br/>&quot;Ask famous quotes to inspire me&quot; <br/>&quot;Ask famous quotes to tell me Mahatma Gandhi's quote&quot;<br/>etc.<br/><br/>In response to which you may get:<br/>&quot;Wayne Dyer once said, You'll see it when you believe it.&quot;<br/>&quot;Mahatma Gandhi once said, Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.&quot;<br/>etc.

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Alexa, ask famous quotes to motivate me
Alexa, ask famous quotes to give me a quotation
Alexa, ask famous quotes to tell me a quote by Leonardo da Vinci

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June 20th 2017