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Family notes

Donna Silveira

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Or say "Alexa, enable Family notes"

save notes for household members

This skill is a message wall for people. To write a note for someone, say:<br/> &quot;write a note for, &lt;name&gt;, that says, &lt;message&gt;&quot;<br/><br/>To get the notes for a single user, say:<br/> &quot;read all the messages for &lt;name&gt;&quot;<br/><br/>To get all the notes for everyone, say:<br/> &quot;read all the messages&quot;<br/><br/>You can delete messages for one person by saying:<br/> &quot;delete all the messages for &lt;name&gt;&quot;<br/>Saying &quot;delete all the messages&quot; without including a name will delete all the messages for everyone.<br/><br/>It might be safest to get all messages for all users, as Alexa may have trouble with certain names. Listing all the messages lists the name first :<br/>( &quot;Messages for Donna: Message 1: ...&quot;)<br/><br/>Saying &quot;list all the users&quot; is also good way to find out if there are &quot;extra people&quot; in your list.<br/><br/>Saying &quot;delete all the users&quot; will delete all users and their messages.<br/>(This can clean out everything if Alexa is having trouble understanding a name. Donna was understood as &quot;gonna&quot; at one point) Certain names can be difficult. Jocelyn was saved as Jocelyn, Josalyn, and Joslyn --- minute variances in pronunciation.

Invocation Name

family notes

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open family notes and Write a note for Donna, that says, we need milk.
Ask family notes to get all the notes.
Delete all the notes for Donna in family notes.

Release Date

April 16th 2017