Family Movie Night - Alexa Skill

Family Movie Night

Clay Schroeder


Or say "Alexa, enable Family Movie Night"

Provides a non-animated family movie (rated PG or G) originally released before 2000.

Always trying to figure out what to watch with the family? Just open the Family Movie Night skill to get a suggestion!<br/><br/>Activate the skill and ask Alexa:<br/>&quot;What family movie should we watch?&quot;<br/>&quot;What movie should we watch?&quot;<br/>&quot;What should we watch?&quot;<br/>&quot;Select a family movie.&quot;<br/>&quot;Select a movie.&quot;<br/>&quot;Pick a family movie.&quot;<br/><br/>Have a movie recommendation, leave a suggestion with a review!

Invocation Name

family movie night

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Family Movie Night
Alexa, launch Family Movie Night
Alexa, start Family Movie Night

Release Date

June 5th 2017