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Fake or Florida

Yaniv Amar

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Or say "Alexa, enable Fake or Florida"

Are these bizarre news stories fake, or did they actually happen in Florida?

You will be presented with multiple news story headlines. Can you guess if they are fake, or if they did really happen in Florida? If you think it happened, say 'Florida', otherwise say 'fake'. If an answer is right, you can say 'explain' to hear more about what happened, or 'continue' to move onto the next question. You can also say 'repeat' to repeat a question or an explanation. If you've heard the question before, you can say 'skip' to hear a new one.

Invocation Name

fake or florida

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Fake or Florida
Alexa Open Fake or Florida and let's play

Release Date

January 25th 2017