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Or say "Alexa, enable Fake News"

Spot the fake news and stack your score before time runs out! Alexa will read a headline - it's up to you to decide what's credible and what's not.

Stack your score and master the art of spotting misinformation before time runs out! Alexa will present you with actual headlines from around the web and you decide whether it's credible or a bunch of BS.<br/><br/>For example, Alexa might say, &quot;Bill Cosby does Fat Albert imitation as he exits court.&quot; Simply say, &quot;real&quot; if you think it's credible news and &quot;fake&quot; if you think it's fake news (for the record, that's real).<br/><br/>For more information, check out playfakenews.com.

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fake news

Interaction Examples

Alexa play Fake News
That's real

Release Date

August 3rd 2017