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Fake News: Trump Edition

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Or say "Alexa, enable Fake News: Trump Edition"

A lot of what the Donald has tweeted isn't true, but he's tweeted a lot! Guess which Trump tweets are genuine!

Fake News: Trump Edition is a fun educational game that helps you learn about what the Donald said...and what he didn't! In each game, you are presented with three tweets. Guess whether the tweets are genuine or fake. Guess right three times in a row to win!<br/><br/>Actual Trump tweets, along with date tweeted, are always sent to the Alexa app for reference.<br/><br/>Fake News: Trump Edition is not affiliated with Donald Trump in any way. Donald Trump certainly does not endorse the game! Clips of Donald Trump's voice are in the Public Domain and are used only for the purpose of parody.

Invocation Name

fake news

Interaction Examples

Alexa, play Fake News
repeat that

Release Date

November 7th 2017