Fact Pot - Alexa Skill

Fact Pot



Or say "Alexa, enable Fact Pot"

Alexa will deliver a random fact taken from the Fact Pot.

This skill will deliver random and fun facts to the user when they ask Alexa for facts. No additional hardware is required to use this skill.<br/> <br/>The invocation name is fact pot. <br/><br/>Amazing and true facts developed for all ages.<br/><br/>We will be very happy to hear your feedback for continuous improvements and much more facts will be added in the future.<br/><br/>Vijayrahul@gmail.com<br/><br/>Enjoy listening to Facts!

Invocation Name

fact pot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask fact pot for a trivia
Alexa, open fact pot and give me a fact
Alexa, ask fact pot to give a random fact

Release Date

March 29th 2017