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Fact Genie

Chris B.

Or say "Alexa, enable Fact Genie"

Fact genie is a 'this day in history' fact application.

What does this app do? <br/>---<br/>Simply put, Fact Genie will give you a random fact about any day or year in history. You can also ask me about the same day multiple times - I will try to come up with a new fact.<br/><br/>How to use:<br/>---<br/><br/>Suppose today is August 15th.<br/><br/>* You: Alexa, ask Fact Genie for today's fact.<br/>* Alexa: &quot;August 15th is the day in 1947 that India gains Independence from the British Indian Empire and joins the Commonwealth of Nations. &quot;<br/>* You: &quot;Alexa, ask Fact Genie for a fact for the year 2007&quot;<br/>* Alexa: &quot;2007 is the year that the International Polar Year, a $1.5 billion research program to study both the North Pole and South Pole, is launched in Paris on March 1st.&quot;<br/>* You: &quot;Alexa, ask Fact Genie for a random fact&quot;<br/>* Alexa: &quot;September 1st is the day in 1991 that Uzbekistan declares independence from the Soviet Union.&quot;<br/><br/>And so on...

Invocation Name

fact genie

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask fact genie for today's fact
Alexa, ask fact genie for a fact for the year 2007
Alexa, ask fact genie for a random fact

Release Date

August 23rd 2017