FTL Ship Tips - Alexa Skill

FTL Ship Tips

Wid Inc.

Or say "Alexa, enable FTL Ship Tips"

Just simply ask the skill about any ship in faster than light, the steam video game, and it will provide a ranking and tips for that specific ship.

This Alexa Skill gives a rank and some tips for each and every ship in the PC game, FTL (Faster Than Light). Tips were provided by reddit user artic_owl, as I found his rankings and tips to be particularly accurate and useful. Just simply ask "Alexa, open faster than light ship tips" and then begin to ask away, in such ways as "what is the {ship name}" and "how is the {ship name}" If you miss the tip, Alexa will repeat it if you simply utter "repeat". The Home cards also display the name of the ship that you just asked, in case you forget. To exit, just say "Alexa, exit" I hope that you enjoy the app, for all of you FTL players out there.

Invocation Name

faster than light ship tips

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open faster than light ship tips
how is the federation c
what is the kestrel a

Release Date

July 25th 2017