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FBee Smart Home


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Or say "Alexa, enable FBee Smart Home"

FeiBit smart home scene and device voice control through Alexa

We strive to make home smarter and more convenient for users. Possess Amazon Echo/Dot , FeiBit gateway and few smart home products,users can voice control those smart homes after adding the products and creating few scenes into FeiBit gateway. How to add products into FeiBit gateway ? Quite simple . Just by scanning QR code of the gateway, downloading FeiBit APP HUI HM, then users login in with their email address , click "add device" button on APP, press reset button on device.Then , that's it . Now , you can enjoy your smart home life.

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on bedroom light
Alexa, turn off bedroom light
Alexa, set washroom to 30 percent

Release Date

April 2nd 2017