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Or say "Alexa, enable Eventseeker"

eventseeker is your personalized event service with a focus on minimizing search and maximizing discovery.

eventseeker provides you personalized information about events happening nearby and your favorite musicians, bands and comedians. To get started you simply need to say, Alexa, launch eventseeker, you will be guided to select an event category of your choice. After selecting the category, Alexa will list events happening in your city. You can change category any time using the following command: Change my category to sports To change your city, simply say: Alexa change my location to New York, or Alexa change my city to San Francisco. Alexa will confirm the change in location. You can also say Alexa what's happening tonight or anytime in the future. Try asking Alexa: Alexa ask eventseeker what should I do next week? Alexa ask eventseeker what should I do this weekend? Alexa ask eventseeker what is happening this week? Alexa ask eventseeker what is happening on January 30th? Alexa ask eventseeker what's happening on April 5th in San Francisco To close the skill and interaction with Alexa you can say cancel, never mind or forget it or stop. Thanks for your feedback! Please share your thoughts, and we'll do our best to provide the best possible experience.

Invocation Name

event seeker

Interaction Examples

Alexa launch event seeker
Alexa ask event seeker what should I do tonight
Alexa ask event seeker to surprise me

Release Date

March 23rd 2016