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Eventing Update

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Find results, updates and trivia about the sport of Eventing. Live during the season. Historic results at all other times.

The sport of Eventing or Horse Trials attracts 100s of 1,000s of visitors to events every year and many more followers around the globe. <br /><br />During the event we will provide up to the minute, live results of the sport using the official scores. <br /><br />Please rate and review the skill to enable us to keep developing based on your feedback. You can also provide feedback or requests to eventing@boldstart.co.uk. We are also planning a flash briefing skill to access news from the event.<br /><br />For more information visit: boldstart.co.uk/eventing-alexa-skill <br /><br />Coming Soon:<br /><br />Find out about any horse or rider, for example:<br />Alexa, where did Paul Tapner finish in the cross country<br />Alexa, tell me who had problems at fence 17<br />Alexa, where did Sam Griffith finish after dressage<br />Alexa, what was Emily King's dressage score<br />Alexa, what percentage of the field finished cross country<br />Plus: a flash briefing skill to access news from the event.<br /><br />More details: http://boldstart.co.uk/eventing-alexa-skill/

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eventing update

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Alexa ask Eventing Update who won Badminton last year
What are the dates for Badminton
tell me about Mark Todd

Release Date

February 17th 2017