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Or say "Alexa, enable Event Hub"

EventHub uses Ticketmaster to find all kinds of events near you, be it concerts, music festivals, sports, or arts and theater.

EventHub uses Ticketmaster's vast database to scour the web for the best events near you. EventHub can help you find music concerts of your favorite band, sporting events for your favorite team, or just events near your city. By listing out the 4 most recent events near you, you can further your search to include more specific artists or genres, like asking it for "rock music," "Seahawks football," or "Bruno Mars" events. Ask EventHub whats happening near you, so you never miss out.

Invocation Name

event hub

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Event Hub to find Bruno Mars events near Boston
Alexa, ask Event Hub for rock music events
Alexa, ask Event Hub to find events near Seattle

Release Date

August 30th 2017