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Event Detective



Or say "Alexa, enable Event Detective"

Informs users of events near a certain city and gives directions on how to get to the venue.

There are no hardware or account prerequisites required for this skill. There are two main ways to best use this skill. The first way is to prompt Alexa with relevant information via a Q&amp;A type process. You can interact with the skill in this manner by starting the skill, then saying the city and state where you'd like to search for events, then answer each following question from Alexa. The complete Q&amp;A process will go in this order: city and state, time frame to search, event categories to filter on and then mile radius to search around the desired city. The user can say 'back' at any point of the Q&amp;A process to re-enter an input.<br/>The second manner is to just say something like 'what's good around New York, New York' or 'what's good with sports events within 10 miles of New York, New York' . And then all other fields, that are normally gathered through the Q&amp;A process, will be filled with defaults.<br/>Once either of the top 2 methods are used, the user will be prompted with top events, ranked by popularity. The user may then say 'more info on...' the event in question and the user will be prompted with some more details on the event. Then once at this step the user can either say 'back' to return to the overview list of top events, say 'more info on...' another event the user saw in the previous step or say 'what's the distance'. <br/>The 'what's the distance' command will then prompt the user to enter in a starting location. Then once this starting location has been entered, Alexa will prompt the user with the duration and distance to the venue's location from inputted starting location and the accompanying card will show a static map and step by step directions to get there.

Invocation Name

event detective

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask event detective what's good around Los Angeles California.
Are there any sports events happening this week within 10 miles of New York, New York?
More info on The Flaming Lips

Release Date

May 20th 2017