Ether Price Checker - Alexa Skill

Ether Price Checker

Peter John

Or say "Alexa, enable Ether Price Checker"

Get up-to-date price tracking on Ethereum from the convenience of Amazon Alexa!

No login, no setup! Simply ask Alexa for the current ether value or for the change in the price from the last hour, so you can track your finances from almost anywhere you want, whenever you want, however you want. Even with your eyes closed!<br/><br/>The current version of this skill only supports returning the value of units of Ether in USD. <br/><br/>Data provided via Cryptonator.

Invocation Name

ether check

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask ether check to tell me the current price of ethereum
Alexa ask ether check value.
Alexa ask ether check how much has the cost changed

Release Date

July 1st 2017