Esoteric Genie - Alexa Skill

Esoteric Genie


Or say "Alexa, enable Esoteric Genie"

Ask the Rorschach Djinn for a fact, and, lo and behold, a fact shall be given.

This skill is a flippant rendition of the magic lamp of lore. The Echo doubles as a netherworld portal linking you to your personal djinn. When prompted by certain buzzphrases, the djinn shall share a tidbit of her vast knowledge. Her knowledge is ever-growing, so expect more features to arrive soon.

Invocation Name

my genie

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask my genie to spill the beans
Alexa, ask my genie to augment my knowledge
Alexa, ask my genie to tell me something useful

Release Date

August 20th 2017