Epic Battle - Alexa Skill

Epic Battle


Or say "Alexa, enable Epic Battle"

Launch an epic battle between any two people or celebrities you can think of!

With Epic Battle, no longer must we wonder about &quot;who would win&quot;. Just tell Epic Battle the names of the combatants, answer any other questions it might have, and begin the battle. You will hear a play by play of the battle and its inevitable outcome.<br/><br/>Want your school principal to battle the mayor? Consider it done!<br/><br/>Do a custom battle between any two opponents you name, and choose their style of weapons, OR say 'Random Battle' for a fun and funny random matchup.

Invocation Name

epic battle

Interaction Examples

alexa, open epic battle
alexa, open epic battle and start a random battle
new battle

Release Date

October 24th 2017