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End Zone Football - Voice Driven Game


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Or say "Alexa, enable End Zone Football - Voice Driven Game"

Are you a football fan? Play this simulation game by calling plays and see if you can take the ball into the end zone and win!

This is a football simulation game where you call the plays with your voice. Start by receiving the ball and your team - the Blackbears - is down, but at home and looking to make a comeback.<br/><br/>You control the game by calling out plays - either running or passing. Just say &quot;Run Play Number 1-4&quot; or &quot;Pass Play Number 1-4&quot;. <br/><br/>To hear the complete playbook, just say &quot;Read Playbook&quot;. Here are some tips.<br/>- For running plays, the lower the number, the greater chance to break a big one.<br/>- For passing plays, the lower the number, the higher completion rate - but with a safe throw comes shorter yardage.<br/><br/>At any time, you can attempt a field goal, but watch out. The further away you are, the lower the likelihood that it will be successful.<br/><br/>Enjoy the game!

Invocation Name

end zone football

Interaction Examples

Alexa, play End Zone Football
Run Play Number 2
Kick a Field Goal

Release Date

September 12th 2017