Emma's Flower Land - Alexa Skill

Emma's Flower Land


Or say "Alexa, enable Emma's Flower Land"

this skills teaches kids 12 basic flowers in a fun way and then this also takes quiz of the 12 flowers or without teaching this can also directly take a quiz

This skill helps children learn about flowers in a fun and interactive way! In this story, butterfly along with emma explores the flower land. Butterfly shows emma each of the flower and describes each flower. After learning about different flowers, user can take a quiz of the taught flowers .Or without learning user have an option of directly skipping to quiz.<br/><br/>To start the skill, the user must say &quot;Alexa, flower land&quot;.<br/><br/>Hope you have a wonderful learning experience!!!

Invocation Name

flower land

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open flower land

Release Date

July 14th 2018